We are the only purpose built Badminton hall in Kent
to book a court telephone 01634 572 187 (after 1pm)
email mbabadminton@btconnect.com
Courts for HIRE!
Medway Badminton Association
      MATCHES 2016 - 2017           MATCHES 2016 - 2017           MATCHES 2016 - 2017           MATCHES 2016 - 2017           MATCHES 2016 - 2017
September October November December January February March April May
Thu 1     Sat 1     Tue 1 R St Thomas Thu 1 R Lordswood Sun 1   New Year Wed 1 LD2 Rochester v M&Ms Wed 1     Sat 1     Mon 1 Bank Hol
Fri 2     Sun 2 LD2 Avengers v CarmelB                 Mon 2   Bank Hol Thu 2 Combo Carmel v Apollo Thu 2 XP Apollo v LongfieldA Sun 2 LDP St MatthewsA v ApolloA    
Sat 3             Wed 2 XP Phoenix v Lordswood Fri 2 XP LongfieldA v CarmelA Tue 3         R Lordswood                 Tue 2 O The Team
Sun 4     Mon 3 LD2 RavelC v Rochester Thu 3 LD2 CarmelB v RavelC     XP LongfieldB v Apollo         Fri 3     Fri 3     Mon 3 Combo Lordswood v Carmel        
Mon 5                 XP Apollo v Longfield B Sat 3     Wed 4     Sat 4     Sat 4         R Ravel Wed 3 LD2 CarmelB v LongfieldC
Tue 6     Tue 4 XP CarmelA v Phoenix Fri 4     Sun 4 LDP St MatthewsA v C Strood Thu 5 LD1 RavelB v ApolloB Sun 5 R.C. St T. or Long. v Lordswood Sun 5 LDP St MatthewsA v CarmelA Tue 4 LD1 St Thomas v LongfieldB Thu 4 LDP ApolloA v RavelA
Wed 7         LDP The Team v RavelA Sat 5                                         LD2 Cliffe v M&Ms        
Thu 8     Wed 5     Sun 6  Kent Senior Practice   Mon 5 R Ravel Fri 6 LD1 LongfieldB v St MatthewsB     LDP C Strood v The Team Mon 6 LD2 M&Ms v RavelC Wed 5

Fri 5    
Fri 9     Thu 6 LDP ApolloA v St MatthewsA                     LD2 LongfieldC v Cliffe Mon 6 LD2 CarmelB v Avengers         Thu 6 R Lordswood Sat 6    
Sat 10                 Combo C Strood v Carmel     LD1 Kondor v St Thomas Sat 7         XP Phoenix v ApolloA Tue 7 LDP The Team v ApolloA         Sun 7 LD2 Avengers v M&Ms
Sun 11     Fri 7 XP LongfieldA v LongfieldB Mon 7 R.C. St Thomas v LongfieldB Tue 6 XP Lordswood v LongfieldA Sun 8 LD2 Avengers v Rochester Tue 7 R St Thomas     R St Thomas Fri 7 LDP LongfieldA v ApolloA        
Mon 12     Sat 8         R Ravel     R St Thomas             O The Team Wed 8 LD2 Rochester v LongfieldC     LD1 LongfieldB v RavelB Mon 8 XP CarmelA v Lordswood
        Sun 9         LD1 Kondor v ApolloB Wed 7     Mon 9 LDP RavelA v LongfieldA Wed 8 LD2 Cliffe v RavelC Thu 9 Combo Apollo v Carmel Sat 8         LD1 RavelB v LongfieldB
Tue 13 LD1 St Thomas v Kondor         Tue 8 R St Thomas Thu 8 X1 CarmelB v St Thomas         Thu 9 LD1 ApolloB v Kondor     R Lordswood Sun 9 LD2 Avengers v Cliffe        
            Combo C Strood v Lordswood             LDP ApolloA v C Strood Tue 10 LDP The Team v CarmelA     R Lordswood Fri 10 XP LongfieldB v Phoenix         Tue 9 X1 St Thomas v CarmelB
Wed 14     Mon 10 LDP CarmelA v LongfieldA Wed 9     Fri 9         R St Thomas Fri 10 XP LongfieldA v Phoenix Sat 11     Mon 10 LD2 RavelC v LongfieldC     O The Team
Thu 15 LDP CarmelA v ApolloA         Thu 10 R Lordswood Sat 10     Wed 11 LD2 Rochester v RavelC     LD1 LongfieldB v St Thomas Sun 12         O The Team Wed 10    
            LD1 Kondor v St MatthewsB         Sun 11 R Avengers Thu 12 Combo Carmel v C Strood Sat 11             Tue 11 Combo Lordswood v C Strood Thu 11    
Fri 16     Tue 11 R St Thomas Fri 11                     Sun 12 R Avengers     X1 C Strood v St Thomas     O The Team        
Sat 17             Sat 12     Mon 12 LD1 RavelB v Kondor Fri 13             Mon 13 LDP RavelA v The Team Wed 12 LD2 Rochester v Cliffe Fri 12    
Sun 18     Wed 12     Sun 13 LDP St MatthewsA v LongfieldA     R St Thomas Sat 14     Mon 13 LD2 M&Ms v Rochester     LD2 Cliffe v Avengers Thu 13 LD2 CarmelB v M&Ms Sat 13    
        Thu 13 Combo Apollo v C Strood         Tue 13 LDP CarmelA v St MatthewsA Sun 15         LDP RavelA v C Strood Tue 14 XP CarmelA v LongfieldA     XP Apollo v Lordswood Sun 14    
Mon 19 LDP RavelA v CarmelA         Mon 14 LD2 RavelC v M&Ms                 Tue 14 XP CarmelA v Apollo         Fri 14 EASTER        
        Fri 14             Wed 14     Mon 16 X1 CarmelB v St Thomas         Wed 15 XP Lordswood v Apollo Sat 15        
Tue 20 R St Thomas Sat 15     Tue 15 LD2 CarmelB v Rochester Thu 15 LD1 ApolloB v St MatthewsB     R Ravel Wed 15     Thu 16 X1 CarmelB v C Strood Sun 16        
        Sun 16 R Avengers     LDP The Team v C Strood         Tue 17 LD2 M&Ms v Cliffe Thu 16 LD1 ApolloB v RavelB                    
Wed 21             Wed 16 XP Lordswood v LongfieldB Fri 16         R St Thomas         Fri 17 LDP LongfieldA v The Team Mon 17        
Thu 22 LD1 ApolloB v St Thomas     LDP C Strood v CarmelA Thu 17 LDP ApolloA v LongfieldA Sat 17     Wed 18

Fri 17 LDP LongfieldA v St MatthewsA     LD2 LongfieldC v M&Ms Tue 18 LD1 St Thomas v RavelB        
        Mon 17 XP Phoenix v LongfieldB     R St Thomas VS ABC Halstow Sun 18 LDP St MatthewsA v RavelA Thu 19 XP ApolloA v Phoenix     LD2 LongfieldC v Avengers Sat 18         O The Team        
Fri 23 XP LongfieldB v LongfieldA     LD1 RavelB v St Thomas Fri 18                 R Lordswood Sat 18     Sun 19 LD2 Avengers v LongfieldC Wed 19            
Sat 24     Tue 18 Combo Lordswood v Apollo Sat 19     Mon 19     Fri 20 LD2 LongfieldC v Rochester Sun 19 LD1 St MatthewsB v St Thomas         Thu 20 LD1 ApolloB v LongfieldB        
Sun 25 LD1 St MatthewsB v ApolloB     R St Thomas Sun 20 LD1 St MatthewsB v Kondor         Sat 21                 LDP C Strood v St MatthewsA     R Lordswood        
        Wed 19             Tue 20     Sun 22 LD1 St MatthewsB v RavelB     X1 C Strood v CarmelB Mon 20 LD2 RavelC v Cliffe Fri 21            
    LDP C Strood v ApolloA Thu 20 X1 St Thomas v CarmelB     X1 C Strood v St Thomas                 Mon 20 LD2 RavelC v CarmelB         Sat 22            
Mon 26 Combo Carmel v Lordswood     R Lordswood Mon 21 LDP CarmelA v The Team Wed 21         LDP C Strood v LongfieldA     R.C. Apollo v LongfieldA Tue 21 XP Lordswood v Phoenix Sun 23 LD1 St MatthewsB v LongfieldB        
        Fri 21 LDP LongfieldA v C Strood     LD2 Cliffe v LongfieldC Thu 22     Mon 23         LD1 Kondor v LongfieldB     R St Thomas                
Tue 27 X1 St Thomas v C Strood     LD1 LongfieldB v Kondor Tue 22 LD1 St Thomas v ApolloB                 Tue 21 R Lordswood Wed 22         LDP C Strood v RavelA        
        Sat 22         LD2 M&Ms v Avengers Fri 23 XMAS Tue 24 XP Phoenix v LongfieldA     R St Thomas Thu 23 LDP CarmelA v C Strood Mon 24 XP Lordswood v CarmelA        
Wed 28 LD2 Rochester v CarmelB Sun 23 LDP St MatthewsA v The Team Wed 23     Sat 24     R St Thomas Wed 22                 LD2 RavelC v Avengers        
Thu 29 KBL Restricted?         Thu 24 XP Apollo v CarmelA Sun 25 Wed 25

Thu 23 XP Phoenix v CarmelA Fri 24 XP LongfieldA v Lordswood Tue 25 LDP The Team v LongfieldA        
    Mon 24         R Lordswood Mon 26 Thu 26 Combo Apollo v Lordswood             LD1 LongfieldB v ApolloB                
Fri 30             Fri 25     Tue 27    

Fri 24 XP LongfieldA v Apollo Sat 25     Wed 26            
        Tue 25 X1 CarmelB v C Strood Sat 26     Wed 28 Fri 27 LDP LongfieldA v CarmelA     XP LongfieldB v Lordswood Sun 26     Thu 27            
                Sun 27 R Avengers Thu 29     LD2 LongfieldC v CarmelB Sat 25                            
        Wed 26 LD2 Rochester v Avengers         Fri 30 Sat 28     Sun 26     Mon 27 LDP CarmelA v RavelA Fri 28 XP LongfieldB v CarmelA        
        Thu 27 LDP ApolloA v The Team Mon 28 LDP RavelA v St MatthewsA Sat 31 Sun 29 LD2 Avengers v RavelC             LD2 Cliffe v CarmelB Sat 29            
                                        Mon 27 LD2 M&Ms v CarmelB Tue 28 LD1 St Thomas v St MatthewsB Sun 30            
        Fri 28     Tue 29 LD2 CarmelB v Cliffe             X1 C Strood v CarmelB     LD1 RavelB v St MatthewsB                        
        Sat 29                     Mon 30 LDP RavelA v ApolloA Tue 28 X1 St Thomas v C Strood Wed 29         Combo C Strood v Apollo        
        Sun 30     Wed 30 LDP ApolloA v CarmelA                         Thu 30 R Lordswood                
                                Tue 31 XP CarmelA v LongfieldB                                
        Mon 31 LD2 Cliffe v Rochester                     LDP The Team v St MatthewsA         Fri 31 LDP LongfieldA v RavelA                
            LD2 M&Ms v LongfieldC                                     LD2 LongfieldC v RavelC                
            LD1 Kondor v RavelB                                                        


Monday to Friday - 10:00 to 23:00
Saturday - 09:00 to 15:00
Sunday - 10:00 to 22:30 


Castlemaine Hall
100 Castlemaine Avenue
01634 572187
There is currently no wheelchair access to this building.
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