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Here you will find all the information there is to know about what's going on at Medway Badminton Association. Some events also have photos which you will find on the Photos section of this site.

Latest News

Key Stage 3 winners of the Badminton England School Games 2019 are Sir Joseph Williamson Maths School, photo in the gallery section
The Annual Bangladeshi Badminton Tournament took place on the 14th January 2019. Photos in the gallery section with results to follow
Local girls round of the Badminton Schools games are due to take place on the 15th January 2019, results to follow 
Medway Junior Inter Regional team 2018. Medway Region finished 2nd, well done to all who played. 4 boys and four girls took represented Medway in the Inter Regional team this year (2018). Photo in gallery section of the website.
Medway Rackets Festival hosted by The Howard School Partnership was held at Medway park in April 2018. This event is for school years 3 and 4. 18 schools took part. Each child had an introduction session in badminton, squash, table tennis and tennis

Mini Youth Games Badminton Press Release

The entry for the 2018 Mini Youth Games was 42 schools, that's 336 children! Woodlands were leading ready for entry into the Night of Champions.
The Mini Youth Games series proved very popular as MYG Badminton recorded its largest ever entry with 39 schools taking part in 2017. Woodlands School were crowned champions again this year in the Night of Champions. This was the first Night of Champions to use 'rally point scoring'. For an up to date report on the Mini Youth Games please contact John Hatchett.

Over 312 children from 39 Medway Primary schools participated at the Mini Youth Games Badminton tournament, held at Medway Park in November. It was to proved to be an excellent day with some superb badminton skills on display that resulted in a number of close games and a tight and thrilling finish to the league table.
Play was excellent, a good competitive competition standard was achieved with all teams enjoying the play.

In 2016 the top 8 Medway teams from this event have qualified for the Night of Champions Badminton finals this summer as part of the Medway Festival of Sport, to compete for the right to be crowned the Medway Primary Schools Badminton Champions 
Woodlands (1st), Elaine (2nd), St.Andrews (3rd), Fairview (4th), Walderslade (5th), Hempstead (6th), Hilltop (7th) and St.Margarets (8th). Woodlands finished first and were crowned the Champions this year with very close runners up Walderslade. 

At each event points are awarded to each school for simply taking part. This is the main emphasis of the Mini Youth Games – enjoyable participation so the most prestigious prize at any event is always the fair play award. This award was won by Byron Primary School. It is crucial that young people are introduced to sport in a friendly, positive environment and that they are encouraged to accept victory and defeat with equal grace. It is important that they learn to show consideration and respect towards opponents, teammates and officials, as well as to the rules and conventions of the different sports.

Tam work between the Medway Sport Team and Medway Badminton Association make this event possible, with support from Medway Badminton match officials and  Rainham Mark Grammar School for providing a number of young sports leaders on the day. We would also like to thank Medway Park for hosting this event.

The Mini Youth Games brand has established itself as the linchpin of school sport in Medway. The flagship inter-schools sports programme provides more than 2,000 primary school pupils per year with the opportunity to experience the thrill of friendly, competitive team sport, to learn new skills, keep healthy and develop a sense of fair play.

It is open to pupils from every primary school in Medway and invitational external schools, irrespective of race, gender, ability or disability.
Prizes are awarded at each event and points are gained towards the overall MYG title. A fair play trophy is awarded at each event and there is an annual participation prize for the school that selects the largest number of children to take part in MYG events. Leading schools also qualify for Night of Champions finals as part of the summer Medway Festival of Sport.

If you are interested in joining a local badminton club please get in touch with us at Medway Badminton. If you would like to find out more about Mini Youth Games, visit the Medway Sport Team pages at www.medway.gov.uk/medwaysport or follow them on Twitter @MedwaySport.

For more information on getting involved with the Mini Youth Games programme contact John Hatchett on 01634 338763.

19 June 2016


"Wear it Pink" Breast Cancer Campaign

Thank you all very much for raising £164.25 for the "Wear it Pink" Breast Cancer Campaign, an amazing effort from everyone involved, next
event will be October 2016.

19 June 2016



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